Class X English


Class 10th A

English Holiday Homework

1. Attempt Section A, Section B and Section C of Board paper (2015-16) And (2016-17)

2. Choose an author and write a review of any one book written by the author.
1.    A. J. Cronin             2.    Saki                       3.    Dhumaketu       4.   Elsie Brown
5.    Satyajit Ray             6.    Paul Stewart

3. Prepare a P.P.T on any one of the following topics:

a.)        Board Exams
b.)        Right to Education
c.)        Educating the girl child
d.)        Inclusive Education
e.)        Vocational Education
f.)        Career Counseling
g.)        Renewable Energy
h.)        Women Astronauts
i.)         UFO

4. Read the novel 'The Story of My Life' written by Helen Keller and write the value points from Chapter 1 – 14.